Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hey ..long time i did not post on my page already ..well , i will not going to continue my blog here , because i already share my blog with my dear ! For all babe that want to know about my life ..please link at this webside ^^ thank


thanks all me dear babess !

Friday, November 27, 2009

happy life in the moment

SO Long i did not update my blog
so much thing and feeling to type
i am kinda happy and feel comfortable
Finally i forget you and i accept hiim
i love hiim because he treat me so good ..better than you
these few weeks i keep on going out with my dear
so happy to be with you

Peace of my life
i being with you
hope that this is my last
and forever in my heart
all things that you prove to me
i finally can feel it
thank you for loving me
and i promise i will do the same

* jean is coming back
i am waiting for u ,..
to make up all the plan in december .
hooray @!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

miss him so much

yesterday suddenly feel so moody ,
but now it turns back to normal ..
i damn miss him ..
wondering what you doing now my dear .

Miss my babe jean ..wanna go sunway with her and dydy they all..
miss them ..
miss last year fun alot and alot ..
this time will wear bikini again .^^

____SPM is at the corner ..
wish all my buddies in form 5 will get good result and full prepare on the exam
expecially my babe Joo ...
Gambatte !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

memorable day for me & you

First day he is not at school ..
miss hiim so much . Just can message him trough phone in school time
time passes so slow during school time
wondering what is he doing ? Did he study for exam ?


At 8 o'clock , the ''SEX talk'' starts
So damn boring ..but all the contents inside were so meaningfull
Teaches me alot of things ..
lol..recess time the stupid phone keep on no line ..make me cant message with him ..feel like wanna to cry ..but never mind ..i can see him in the afternoon =)
feel like watching the movie 2012 after school , but he told me that ts & pavilion were full of people ..so cancel our movie plan

after school , went chat-room with yan han's couple and bianca's couple
i brought baby to school today and now it is with daddy Joo ..=)
after eating ..i went back with him to his house
playing computer and chit -chatting [XD] happy moment pass so fast and reach 8o'clock night .Jun send me back to LRT and then i only go back home
cant wait to see my dear tomorrow after school ..
wondering are him missing me now ?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy graduation day to you

the day that you stop studying in this school ..
i really will miss you like hell .
cant see you early in the morning ,
cant cook for you in the morning .
how my life going to be ..
cant spend whole day school time with you in school ..
what to do ...
i am so bu she de you ..altough can see you everyday after school ..but my heart still pain
many couple are crying for each other and me to0 ..
wondering what are you feeling and thinking now ?
i really need you to be at my side
who know what going to be happen tomorrow ?
i just want to treassure every moment that we get together..
no matter is happy , sad ,angry , or moody
i hope we can share out feelings out..
anyway ..i wish you the very best of luck in ur coming SPM exam
i will support you no matter what ..
loving you deeply ..
after school we went KFC together ..thattime i really feel like crying but i control myself ..i dont want to let you see that i am crying ..but at last i lost my tears when we going back home..
what had happen ? i feel like wanna hug you right now !

Saturday, November 7, 2009


我一定会找到更好的男朋友 ! 我一定过到比现在更幸福
我恨你! 怪就怪我傻...认识错你..
现在, 就算你有事..我也不会过问..我跟你没有关系了!

New Life for me

Went back to primary school today
so happy that i saw so many friends ..^^
all have changes to leng lui and leng zai
'' thx for the sweet and sour pork that you cook for me today ''
miss the taste so much ..
nothing to do at 9 sth morning, went pavilion with natalie , christian and joo
when arrive at pavilion , went to J-co eat first , chit-chatting
when arrive 12 , we go to the cinema to watch '' Jennifer's body ''
i Kena shock so many time..=) lucky got shoulder for me ..
after movie , go eat basket-robbin ..yummy ^^
went sg.wang after that ..so time square eat again ..l.lol..growing fat and fat
decided to go home at 5 sth ..saw xiao with her fren xiao zhu zhu in secret recipe ..
Go mamak with joo thn go home already

miss the day !